Tailored services to meet your needs

As a SF Capital client you can take a competitive rate with a reputable lender as given. We structure our services around our clients rather than products or lenders to provide finance tailored to your needs.
First home buyers
It can be tough breaking into the property market. Talking to agents, attending inspections and competing at auction can be a daunting process. We take away the angst of your first home purchase by guiding you every step of the way.

We specialise in:

Helping you set a property budget

We help you determine your borrowing capacity and provide a breakdown of costs to ensure you are purchasing within your means.

Arranging your pre-approval

Your finance is organised before you search so that you can confidently make offers on the properties you like.

Arranging parental guarantees and other deposit solutions

We will calculate the deposit you need for your first home. If needed, we will help you arrange guarantees or other forms of assistance from your parents.

First Home Owners Grant applications

We can make the First Home Owners Grant application on your behalf, ensuring the Grant is available for you at settlement.

Strategic property selection

We generate property reports and help you assess ongoing costs so you know you are paying a fair price.

Future property investment

We can help you find a property that you can later turn into an investment as your career and lifestyle grows.