Meet the team dedicated to your financial success

Duncan Hughes
Finance Analyst

Duncan is your go-to guy to for your financing needs. Duncan’s career background is in engineering. In a curious twist, his love of architecture, houses and mathematics has found new expression as he works the figures to sort out even the most complex of loan scenarios.

Duncan has an entrepreneurial spirit and boundless energy. In the last year, with his brother, Tim, he has designed and opened his own Newcastle beachside café, HUBRO. Duncan’s experience in hospitality has equipped him to be highly service-oriented, understanding the need for good communication, quality product, attention to detail and timeliness.

In his time off, Duncan enjoys a jog with an ocean view and going home to whip up a gourmet storm in the kitchen. He loves time with his family, a good laugh, and his spoilt golden retriever, Hamish. Duncan is also personally committed to Safe Haven, a home that provides love and nurture to neglected children in the Philippines.